9 Day Fashion Challenge - Day Two Success

This is a challenge I'm putting myself to. You can catch up on previous days here~ [1]

I'm so happy I'm doing this challenge. If I wasn't I would not have worn this dress today. I would have put it on, looked in the mirror, taken it off, and spent the next 45 minutes trying to find something else to wear. It is easily the cutest dress I've ever owned so I'm glad I stood by my decision to wear it and not give up on my challenge on day two.

Like I said in my post yesterday, this challenge will push me out of my comfort zone and it really did that today. This morning I felt that the dress didn't look as good on me as it did in the Target dressing room, which was a big bummer. I really want to feel confident in dresses like this so I decided to have the "fake it until I make it" mentality. I guess it worked because I didn't fret too much about how I looked or how I thought other people thought I looked. After a while I even stopped touching the back hem line to make sure it didn't somehow get magically caught in my panties.

So today was a success!

Today taught me that I'm not where I imagine myself to be weight wise, and that's ok. I'll get there. This challenge will help me become more confident with my body. It would be great to learn to love my body. I guess I'm two days closer to that. Let's see how the remaining seven days go. ♥
Jess said...

You look great, and somehow your hair always has an awesome bang swoop. I love dresses - they always make me feel like I'm wearing something special even though they are the easiest thing to put on.

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