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Without sounding too much like a broken record (too late!) let me state just how busy we've been.  I know everyone is super busy these days and it's not a competition or anything, but oh my gosh, do I feel like there just isn't enough time in the day.  Do you feel the same way too?

Between being a mommy & wife and owning a store I need to be on top of my game and get stuff done.  This last week has made me realize just how not on my game I am.  Too many things have been pushed on to the back burner or plain forgotten.  It's just not acceptable.

This has got me thinking about what it is I need to do.  To stay organized.  I'm currently more like a chicken running around with it's head cut off.  After doing some research and talking with sk e online friends, I've decided to move my important things, notes, reminders, planning, schedules... All that fromy phone and into a personal organizer.

While it makes me sad (and kind of ill) to not have EVERYTHING in one device that can do everything, my iPod touch just doesn't cut it any more.  With all the new the cool new opportunities and responsibilities the store is creating, and the responsibilities of home, I need something more substantial.

So I have decided to create a super awesome organizer inspired by the Filofax organizers.  There is no way I could afford an actual Filofax so I'm making my ownversion of one.  If I can keep with it and it proves to be the right thing for me then I will invest in a real Filofax.

I you haven't heard of Filofaxes before, type it into Google or Youtube.  There's a huge culture behind it which is fascinating and inspiring!  Tons of people have tutorials, print outs, calendars, decals, and other things to help you personalize your Filofax and become as organized as you'd like.  You know how some people loose hours on Pinterest?  Well that has been me the last three or four days. 

When I get to the store tomorrow I'm going to print out some fun things to add to my planner.  I'm thinking some insporational quotes, calendars, note page headers, and maybe a few other things.

While I try to figure out how to get myself organized, I'm love to hear how you stay organized?  Do you use a planner like a Filofax, your phone, post it notes?  Some suggestions are welcome and appreciated!

That's enough sode tracking for me~ I'd love to get this as close to finished as I can tonight.  Hope you had a lovely weekend! <3
Eve C said...

I love daily planners & organizers! Though I am really bad at keeping up with them. I prefer to have things written down on paper that I can look back on rather than on my phone. Gives me an extra to buy more stationery lol

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