Seattle Weekend

Every year Aaron's parents take us to Seattle for a weekend of Mariner's games and fun.  They were so excited to bring Dean with this time they planned it for two months earlier than normal.

Not only was it a special weeked because we had Dean with us, Sam met up with us, we sat alog the first base line, and there were souvenirs both nights at the games~ fedoras the first night and Robinson Cano bobbleheads the second night.

We rocked te fedoras all night!  Even Sam joined in on them once we met up with him after the game.  We hit up one of our fave places in the international district, Fort St. George.

After we had some drinks and snacks, we went across the street to Oasis Tea Zone for some Buble Tea.  Their menu was HUGE!!  I had the almond milk tea with tapioca pearls and Aaron got a green tea without tapioca.  It was delicious!  It turns out that place is open until 2am so we now have another fun late night place to go when we're in town.  If we're ever out late now that we have a baby... ;D

We also went to Pyramid Brewery twice. Their pizza margarita is easily one of the best I've had.  They put whoke cloves of roasted garlic on it.  Mmm!!

As far as baseball went, we lost the forst game and won the second.  Dean dod surprisingly well!  We only freaked out towards the end of the second game.  The stadium has a wonderful nursing lounge so I was able to take care of Dean when I needed to without having to stress.  The stadium also gives out certificates to people and babies for their first trip to the stadium!  I'd post a picture but it's rolled up in the back.  (I'm writing this from the backseat on the way home lol!)

It was a great weekend and I'm excited to get bak home to watch the wrestling payperview on a few hours. XD What all did you do this weekend? <3
Al Mars II said...

Great pics and it looks like a great time!!

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