9 Day Fashion Challenge - Day Three Awkwardness

This is a challenge I'm putting myself to. You can catch up on previous days here~ [1] [2]

For whatever reason I got extremely camera shy today in front of Aaron while he took pictures of today's outfit. I've been with the guy for going on 13 years and I still get shy around him. It's really silly. (On a quick side note, next Tuesday will be our 151st month anniversary.) So while I felt way more comfortable in today's outfit than I did yesterday, the pictures are super crazy awkward because I felt super crazy awkward.

I need to work on that.

The shirt for today's outfit is one that I made myself. Well, I mean, I thrifted the shirt and then painted on the word. It's the catch phrase for my favorite Japanese wrestler, Shinsuke Nakamura. If I was a wrestler, I would model everything after him. Outfit, move set, entrance theme, finishing move. Have I ever mentioned how I think it would be super cool to be a professional wrestler? No? Maybe I'll share that with you some time.

Anyways, today I spend a total of probably 11 minutes on myself between blow drying my hair, curling it, and getting dressed. A real rush job. Notice the "relaxed curls" I'm sporting today. My curls aren't flat because I was rushing like a mad woman, no no no they're "relaxed". *wink wink*

A w k w a r d. But in a good way right? I make no apologies because I'm a fairly awkward person in real life. Maybe I don't really have a skin tone problem, I'm just in a constant state of blushing. Hmm... I never thought about it before. Regardless, I really like this outfit and felt very comfortable in it. Will definitely wear this again, probably lots. Tomorrow's outfit will be a bit more colorful.

And on that note, I'm off to bed. I'd like to spend a few more minutes getting ready since Aaron and I are working all 11 hours at the store together. That, and Dean is being a bit of a fussy bug since he had his shots today. We're going to do a bunch of snuggling in bed and watch the WWE Network until we fall asleep. Sleep well everyone! Nite! ♥

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